Orienteering and Adventure Racing 2015!

We’ve had some fun times learning the basics of orienteering and adventure racing over the last few years. While options are somewhat limited in Nova Scotia, we’ve been able to participate in a variety of events hosted by the Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia. Their events, particularly the ones located in parks, are fantastic opportunities for newcomers (and families) to learn the basics and for people at any level to practice their map-reading skills. In terms of adventure racing, we’re looking forward to participating in our third 24hr Eco-Endurance Challenge in May. Last year, we were also able to travel to a few events in New Brunswick: 9-Toe Winter Adventure Race in February, the Fundy Night Owl and Fundy Mist events hosted by Orienteering New Brunswick in May, and Who’s Your Daddy Selfie Edition from Natural Selection Adventure Racing in June.

We’ve missed out on a few recent events because a combination of weather and scheduling has conspired against us, but the 2015 season is looking good, and hopefully we’ll be able to make it out to at least some of these:

Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia
Typically at least one event per month

Storm the Mountain (Pugwash Area Ground Search and Rescue)
April 4, Wentworth (rescheduled date)
4hr and 8hr courses – hike/snowshoe

E2C (Eco-Endurance Challenge; Halifax Regional Search and Rescue)
May 2, Devon, NS (near the airport)
8hr and 24hr courses

Fundy Mist (Orienteering New Brunswick)
May 16/17, Fundy National Park
Saturday night: Owl Prowl – 1 hour night course
Sunday: 2hr and 4hr Fundy Mist

Who’s Your Daddy Selfie – II Edition (Natural Selection Adventure Racing)
June 13, Fredericton, NB
5hr and 8hr courses – hike/bike/paddle

Race the Phantom (Natural Selection Adventure Racing)
August 1, “Central NB”
24hrs with 6 hour race – mountain biking, canoeing/kayaking and trekking

2015 Maritime Orienteering Festival, including Canadian Orienteering Championships
August 14-23, various locations

Are there events missing from this list? Please add them in the comment section below.

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