It Was Cold… For Here.

Former Bowater Land, Highway 103 near Tantallon, NS

February 1 2015, 6km snowshoe

We had just enough time for a quick snowshoe adventure on the way back to Halifax. We haven’t spent much time in this area in the winter, and were unfortunately almost stopped before we started by a steady stream of trucks and some ATVs on the main road. We managed to park and find a backwards way in to a lovely wooded trail that meandered through the remaining forested areas between the clearcuts and along the west shore of Coon Pond. We happened across what appeared to be a recently removed bridge at the northwest tip of Coon Pond. We came back along the main road, and all the traffic made sense once we passed an empty clearing with a still-smouldering bonfire site in a huge clearing adjacent to Sandy Lake.

We definitely have a lot more exploring to do in this area!





Capture 2Capture 3


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